Rose Yoni Egg


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The Rose Yoni Egg is invaluable for your vaginal health and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

It was carefully selected to help you enhance your well-being, connect more intimately with yourself and experience aliveness and joy. By increasing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles (the Pubococcygeus, Kegels or also called the “Love Muscle”) you will become more in tune with your orgasmic energy, increase your flow of sexual hormones and heighten the responsiveness of your G-spot. Yoni means “Sacred Space” which stands for a woman’s intimate center.

While wearing your Vaginal Egg, exercise your Love muscle by using the PC muscle practices (Kegel exercises) – see PC Practice. Find an audio version of the pelvic floor muscle practice here: TantraNova Practice CD.

“I love using my Yoni egg! It makes me feel young, alive, turned on and conscious of doing my PC muscle exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. Since I intend to live a long, vital and healthy life, my yoni egg has become a major part of my practice to sustaining good health. I use it several times a week and hope to increase my use even more!” - Kathleen

The eggs come with a hole drilled through the thinner end of the egg. This allows for attaching a string for ease in removing the egg from the Yoni. For choice of string we recommend non-waxed and non-flavored Glide dental floss. The egg comes in a pouch with instructions. For further information on how to use the Egg go to How to Use Your Rose Yoni Egg

“My experience thus far has been fantastic. I feel very connected to my sacred seat/root chakra. The drilled holes at the tip of the egg allow for ease of removal, which is an added plus for a beginner like me.” - Jasmine

Benefits of the Rose Yoni Egg:

  • Feel more grounded and centered in yourself and be more in tune with your sensuous capacity
  • Massage your Yoni from the inside and experience pleasant aliveness in your feminine center
  • Increase your flow of sexual hormones and maintain healthy reproductive organs
  • Develop stronger orgasms and pleasure and heighten the responsiveness of your G-Spot
  • Improve pelvic and bladder health and prevent incontinence in later years

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