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Love Tours

My love for motorcycles started really early. I was about nine years old and wanted a minibike. All the kids who were cool had a minibike. So I got a minibike. And the first week I had it, I rode about six blocks when the front wheel fell off. I was so mad at this thing. However, a few weeks later I was able to get a Honda 90 which was a big motorcycle for a nine-year-old. I loved riding it and the adventures going into the dirt.

Once I got into high school and college on athletic scholarship, basketball became my love and I pretty much forgot about riding motorcycles.

At 13 years old I was living with my father, a psychiatrist, in Hawaii and was spending a lot of time in the shower going through my puberty. At that time my Dad gave me a book to read on sexual meditation so I could learn how to channel my creative energy. That was the beginning of my journey into love and intimacy.

Many, many years later after having spent 15 years in the software business in San Francisco I no longer felt inspired. So I thought a new city and new people … which brought me to Chicago for a new job opportunity. And voila there I met my beloved. She and I founded a business, called TantraNova Institute, teaching practices of how to tap into and create love and intimacy.

Since coming to Chicago I got a Harley Davidson and riding it has given me a great sense of pleasure, freedom, focus and calm.

Given my love for motorcycle riding and teaching intimacy skills, I came up with this idea of MOTORCYCLE LOVE TOURS.

  • Where I inspire others to be inspired
  • Where others share their uniqueness and individuality because without it the world would never be the same

I remember when in San Francisco starting in the software business, it was fun, exciting and I woke up inspired every day. After 15 years it was just a job and inspiration had left. However my new life in Chicago has revived my inspiration and sense of fulfillment.

By showcasing people who are inspiring to me, who are living interesting and inspiring lives, MOTORCYCLE LOVE TOURS is for YOU to be inspired and reminded of your own magnificence and the inspiration that YOU are.

Motorcycle Love Tour Diaries

The Experience of a Black News Anchor with Brenda Waters

Brenda Waters has spent 30 years in the news industry as an anchor/news reporter in Pittsburgh. What's inspiring to me about Brenda is that she has persevered, sustained and conquered her place in an industry as a black woman that doesn't have many people of color in it.

About Invention with Rick Latella

Rick’s invention of a bio-microbial disinfectant can be put on any surface or baked into any material that makes the disinfectant last … such an appropriate invention for this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’m inspired by his commitment to his own growth and sharing with other people how we can make the world a better place for all.

Grooving with Michael Taylor

Being a djembe drummer myself, I cherish Michael Taylor. He is a Chicago area percussionist, entrepreneur, educator, recording artist, performer and facilitator, specializing in the West African djembe and dunun drums.

Conversation with Patti Shaffner

Developing into a jazz singer over the past few years, Patti Shaffner has been a great mentor and supporter of mine. I knew I wanted to showcase her – she is a singer songwriter, visual artist, cranial sacral therapist, retired dental hygienist and horticulturist.