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Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are best-selling authors of Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy. They have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding their love and relationships over the past two decades.


You can benefit from TantraNova as an individual, as well as a couple, in multiple ways. Regular Tantra yoga practices will help you to develop sexual enlightenment and much much more.


Become a Supporter of TantraNova. Please consider becoming a supporter of TantraNova by donating to our scholarship fund. This fund aids deserving students in attending the Tantra Nova programs.

Mission Statement

For the creation of a transformational, tantric community that contributes to the wholeness and harmony of all people, expanding peace in the world. A world-wide transformational and educational institute, dedicated to the generation of spiritual-physical harmony that brings unification in being with oneself and others.


Answers to your questions such as: What is Tantra? How does TantraNova differ from traditional Tantra? What is the difference between Tantra and Western approaches to love and intimacy? and more.