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Register today for our FREE Affiliate Program, use our simple marketing tools on your website, newsletters, in your email communications or your social media. When someone at your site clicks through and places an order on the TantraNova site, then you will get paid 10% commission of the sales price for workshops & products and 5% of private programs.

Once your new account is accepted, then you will receive an email with step-by-step instructions for setting up links on your website, in your emails, newsletter, blogs and social media accounts.

The InfusionSoft system will generate a unique URL link containing your exclusive affiliate code. Every time your website visitor, or in-site subscriber, clicks on the link and goes to our sales page, the system then tracks the visitor throughout the ordering process and credits you for the sale! You add our links to your site, emails, newsletters, blogs and social media.

We handle the registration follow-up as well as product shipment.

As an affiliate you can log in and then instantly view reports showing how much commission your affiliate link is earning you.

You will receive your affiliate payment once your referral has attended and completed their workshop or private program including any payment plans or placed their product purchase with TantraNova.

To become an Affiliate follow these steps:


Step one

Sign up via our affiliate registration page

It's FREE!

Step two

Choose what Affiliate marketing content you want to place on your website, your newsletters or group emails once you have signed up on our Affiliate page: