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TantraNova’s workshops and online programs teach couples and singles how to amplify joy, pleasure, and creativity in their lives and relationships.

In a safe, respectful (no nudity) environment, you will be introduced to cutting-edge principles and inspiring tantric practices that will bring deep love and lasting intimacy into your life. Explore the wisdom of Tantra Yoga, also called the Yoga of Love, and feel intimately alive in an ever-present state of love.

Reconnecting with myself and my husband was delightful and renewing.

I experienced a deep sense of being cared for and honored as a woman. This tantric intimacy retreat for couples allowed us to enjoy our love for each other on a whole new level.


Mother & Homemaker


Kirkus Reviews

“In this guidebook for sexual awareness and enjoyment, the authors deliver narrative stories and explanations to help demystify sex and bring depth and meaning to readers’ sexual lives….An informed, dynamic exploration of sexual history and energy.”


Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

World-Renowned Spiritual Pioneer and Author, Life Visioning

Freddy Zental and Elsbeth are two of the most spiritually skillful people at bringing untainted teaching and practice of the ancient art of Tantra to Western shores, showing us how informed sex supports not only our innate longing for union, but also our overall well-being.

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