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The Crystal Wand Improves pelvic health! Increases Pleasure! Enhances Yoni and vaginal massage for women and supports prostate massage for men!

This 10 inch curved and 1/2″ inch diameter Healing Crystal Wand is a wonderful Yoni & G-Spot Stimulator. You can also use it as a Prostate Massage Tool. The Pyrex glass provides smooth firmness and the shape of the wand agility. The triple balls allow for a deeper and expanded experience. The S-shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily massage and awaken the Yoni. And then it also allows you to effortlessly reach the G Spot (sacred spot) or the prostate (Male G Spot).

Benefits for the Woman

  • Increase orgasmic pleasure
  • Stimulate and activate your G-spot or Sacred Spot
  • Release tension in the pelvic floor
  • Enhance therapeutic vaginal massage
  • Improve pelvic floor health
  • Support anal health, stimulation and tension release


The user can use the Crystal Healing Wand solo for self-massage of the Yoni (vagina) and self-pleasuring. It is also a great supporting tool when receiving from a partner. Your partner can use the wand to give you a Yoni or G-Spot massage while pleasuring you.

G-Spot Massage:

Most women find G-spot massage and stimulation extremely pleasurable. You may experience an urge to urinate. You may also experience a wide range of emotional, sexual, and physical sensations. Open yourself up to discovery!

Many women report increased sexual energy and pleasure, increased vitality, sensuous and sexual awakening, and release of sexual or emotional constriction. By only focusing on your G-spot, or by stimulating pressure points found throughout the vagina, you will experience greater relaxation in your Yoni Center. This will result in you experiencing deeper pleasure. Be creative and follow the energy in your body. Take your time and let go of any goals. Remember to breathe deeply into your belly and Yoni.

When massaging and stimulating the G-Spot, some women experience a release of fluid expelled through the urethra. It is called Amrita, an ancient Sanskrit word for female ejaculate—not to be confused with urine. Amrita is frequently accompanied by a powerful orgasm.

Therapeutic Vaginal Massage:

The curved design of the wand is perfect for ease of use intra-vaginally to treat pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. It has been employed as a massage tool by physical therapists and patients.

Once inserted, the user can easily manipulate the healing wand to gently massage pelvic floor muscles that are tender, tight, or have trigger points. Use gentle strokes or sustained hold stretching with the wand to perform pelvic floor muscle massage and release techniques. Massaging scar tissue, such as episiotomy, may also be beneficial.

Therapeutically, the Healing Wand is used for easing pain, discomfort or tightness associated with muscle dysfunction, vaginismus, painful scar tissue, a tight vaginal opening and anorgasmia.

Base Center or Anal Stimulation:

The Healing Wand is also designed, at the opposite end of the wand, for anal stimulation and pelvic release. It facilitates self stimulation as well as partner play. Use plenty of lubricant and breathe deeply and fully. Anal penetration is easier when you are aroused. Move the Wand slowly. Take the time to relax and massage the muscles around the anus and the buttocks. When practicing with a partner or alone, new feelings may be awakened. Acknowledging these feelings as a part of the experience may open you to a more profound level of sensuality than ever before. Communication is important before, during, and after.

Benefits for the Man

  • Increase orgasmic capacity
  • Release tension in the pelvic floor
  • Enhance therapeutic anal massage
  • Stimulate and activate the Prostate
  • Support anal health and stimulation


Medical evidence suggests that it is a lack of blood and oxygen flow to the prostate gland that makes it a target for infection, enlargement, or cancer. Men report that using the Healing Wand has resulted in being able to release blocked prostatic fluid in the prostate. This releases pain and tension. The Wand is a perfect tool for relaxing the muscles surrounding the prostate, gently stimulating it for increased health and pleasure. It may also be effective in enhancing sexual function and erectile ability. Most joy is produced when you are somewhat erect and aroused. This can lead to a thrilling orgasm alone, separate from ejaculation, practiced solo or with a partner

Insert the opposite end of the Wand in the anus for anal stimulation and pelvic release. Use plenty of lubricant and breathe deeply and fully. Use gentle strokes with the Wand to reach into the folds of the internal walls and the male G-spot or prostate. Move slowly! Anal penetration is easier when you are aroused. Take time to relax and massage the muscles around the anus and the buttocks as well.

How to take care of your Wand

Wash the Healing Wand with warm water and mild soap and dry it off with a soft cloth. Please don’t boil it, it may crack. Be careful not to drop it. Keep it in its bag when not in use.

Clean the Healing Wand after every session and well before re-use and insertion into any other body part.

Comes with instructions and velvet carrying pouch. The Wand is even a beautiful erotic art piece on its own!

Product Refund Policy

TantraNova is not responsible for any misuse of the Healing Wand. Follow the guidelines and consult your doctor, health practitioner or physical therapist for the use of the wand-related to your particular health condition.

  • All intimate product purchases are final and non-refundable
  • If you received a damaged product(s) from us please return the product(s) within 15 business days from the purchase date as long as the product is unused and new in its original packaging. Upon receipt, we will issue you a refund minus shipping cost


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