The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection MP4


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Integrate sexual and spiritual energies! Reawaken feminine ecstasy and sustain masculine pleasure!

Create full self-expression in sexual-spiritual union with yourself and your partner!

Be taught how to create intimacy and love through the experiences of ritual hands-on sexual healing. Then start with the Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection DVD. You will learn methods for creating intimacy, loving connection, and sexual-spiritual union. Then you will see how, as these have been aesthetically captured in tastefully produced scenes of healing rituals.

You have been invited inside Freddy Zental’s and Elsbeth’s sacred-space as they lead you through the woman’s and man’s healing rituals. With their shared smiles and sighs, these two partners use massage, eye gazing, communication, acupressure, and breathing. They do this to awaken the goddess and to sustain the masculine energy together. So often in today’s culture, spirituality and sexuality are separated. When they are combined and connected, then we can witness infinite potentials being reached for the individual and the couple.

We are building on TantraNova’s Creating Intimacy and Love DVD. It is important for us to put TantraNova’s foundational practices of breathing, energy awareness and movement, communication and self-expression into action.

Energetic blocks, memories or unpleasant feelings that are being held physically in the yoni and may no longer serve, are being released or healed. The healing allows the woman to work with and process anything that comes up with a compassionate partner. During her “healing ritual,” the woman is connecting to herself, in the present moment. She is being supported by her partner who holds space for whatever comes up during the ritual.

The man’s healing offers techniques for sustaining sexual energy. The man then moves the energy up to the heart chakra and beyond by using the breath. This practice can then create awareness and empowerment for the man. He is then connected with his sexual-spiritual energy in this sexual encounter as well as throughout his day.

To create a sexy-zen state of being for both partners as they give and receive, one must learn these healing practices. Freddy Zental and Elsbeth’s intimate moments caught on tape, illustrate this bonding. They then share the process leading to connecting, and enlightening the power of tantric healing and practices.

This DVD is an exploration of the concepts of Tantra and the principles of sacred sexuality. Highly recommended!

“I received your DVD late Saturday and had the house to myself to relax and appreciate it that evening. First, I love you both. Second, this is a wonderful gift. Intimacy, true intimacy is a sacred and profound space, and I feel this was offered fully. Thank you for sharing your relationship" - Lisa, Energy Healerergy Healer

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