Human Relationship Mastery – Part I

Human Relationship Mastery – Part I

Part 1 : How to Co-create and Thrive in Relationship

By Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

© 2019 – Copyright Worldwide


The relationship between men and women is broken as displayed in the #MeToo movement or TimeIsUp, an explosion that revealed the misunderstandings and differences that have been there for millennia.

I would like to invite you to look inside for a moment: Are you furious, feel helpless, victimized or guilty? Or you just don’t know what to do? Regardless of countries, governments, organizations, families or intimate relationships, it always boils down to two people interacting and relating with each other.

Then we are left with the question: Where do we go from here?

After 30 years in the ‘relationship business’ both in corporate consulting as well as relationship and couple coaching, I have identified five key distinctions and practices that cultivate human relationship mastery. My research and learning from working with thousands of men, women and couples has shown that without evolving in these five areas of distinction, human relationships and consequently humanity cannot further evolve.

Here are the 5 Key Distinctions and Practices to co-create and thrive in relationship:

  1. Partnership Model
  2. Sexual Consciousness
  3. Self-Mastery
  4. Relationship Mastery
  5. Infinity Flow

1. Partnership Model

The prevailing relationship model is no longer working. We need a new model. Until now we've been living in a hierarchical model where one is up, where one is down, where one is better, the other one is not so good, where one is smarter, and the other one is not, plays out within oneself as well as in relationship and in our total understanding of how we relate in the world with each other. We call this patriarchy or a hierarchical relationship model. Of course the same would happen if we had matriarchy. It wouldn't be any different.

This vertical model does not allow creating and co-creating together in partnership. For that, we need a totally new model.

We cannot solve a problem from the mindset we created it from. So we need a new mindset. We can liken the shift in mindset that is called for in terms of relational models to the shift that occurred in the 1500’s from a flat to a round world.

There are two cornerstone interventions essential to this shift:

The first intervention is to learn the distinctions and practices of the Partnership Model.

The Partnership Model is a Horizontal Model.

What does it mean to live in a Partnership Model? There are two distinctions we want to become more aware of which has to do with feminine and masculine or Yin and Yang balance. This shows up within all of us and in any relationship no matter if it's a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgender relationship. We all have this polarity within us. All of us are based in estrogen and testosterone.

When we look at relationship in terms of Yin and Yang, we could describe Yin or the feminine) as flowing, open, circular, listening, receiving and yielding and Yang or the masculine as directional, focused, intentional or linear. We want to learn how to cultivate being in both dimensions at the same time where I can be open and listening while grounded and decisive. In a moment of trigger with my partner or with a co-worker, I can breathe and tap into my Yin self by listening and being attentive while at a later moment I can speak my voice with respect and dignity calling on my Yang capacity.

2. Sexual Consciousness

The second intervention is that we learn about sexual consciousness.

Navigating effectively in the Partnership Model we need to cultivate sexual consciousness. Without this new consciousness and Self-Mastery, navigating in the Partnership Model is not possible.

Here is why this is so:

To raise our consciousness and appropriate new practices and habits, we need to become familiar with human energy also called life force energy and how this energy manifests in me as a human being.

The three indicators for identifying human life force energy within us are:

    • Physical / Sexual
    • Emotional
    • Mental

How can I become the master of my sexual, emotional and mental self? That is what self-mastery is all about.

Let me give you a little taste of how to more keenly sense your life force energy.


At first we want to start becoming focused and calm.

  • Please position yourself in a comfortable sitting position and put your hand on your belly.
  • Then close your eyes and exhale all air… emptying yourself out.
  • When you are ready, take in a deep breath, filling the belly extending the belly like a big balloon up into the chest and all the way up to the top of your head.
  • On the exhalation, follow the breath down through your torso and out of your base into the seat.

Let's do this one more time.

  • Take a deep breath in … filling the belly then the chest. Feel the flow of the breath moving up through the throat all the way to your crown and then on the exhale following the breath back down again.
  • Now continue breathing in your own rhythm and notice how you're feeling.

By following the breath in this way we can start guiding the flow of energy.

To be continued in Part II of Human Relationship Mastery

To learn more:

To learn more about Human Relationship Mastery for yourself and/or your team and organizations or to get involved in contributing to the Human Relationship Mastery movement, please connect with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth at [email protected]


    • This is amazing! Thanks for presenting such a forward thinking dynamic concept!


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      Thanks Al … there are two more parts to it which will follow in September and October.

      Did you see my latest videos on the topic of Human Relationship Mastery?

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