How to Create Intimate Bliss and Make it Last

How to Create Intimate Bliss and Make it Last

By Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

Many couples in Western society struggle with creating and sustaining love and intimacy in their relationship. They may have lost the spark or find themselves at the brink of divorce. Some relationships seem to have it all – the house, the car, the job, the power couple – yet feel miserable inside. Then others may be deeply in love with their partner, however feel that there may be more to loving and relating. Or some are in a new relationship and want to get it right this time to avoid past relationship mistakes.

These struggles are all so common.  It is so easy to fall in love. Yet how to maintain love and intimacy for a lifetime is the 64 million dollar question of the modern age.

In this article we share with you Five Keys to Creating Intimate Bliss and Make it Last.

Key 1: Intimacy Meditation Practice

There are a few foundational practices – both solo and partnered - that can change your relationship instantly with yourself and then with your partner.

These practices are based in the:

  • Conscious Breath (parasympathetic breathing)
  • Witness state of mind
  • Energy awareness (of one’s own life force energy)

Key 2:  Clearing Intimacy Blocks

Old hurts and traumas from the past may be preventing you from experiencing true intimacy and trust.  Without realizing it we project old wounds onto our partner, keeping us from seeing them as they really are.  Through identifying and releasing intimacy blocks, we clear old stories and memories around love, intimacy or our sexual self so we can be fully present in the moment and to the love connection with oneself and with our partner.

Key 3:  Reawakening Feminine Energy

We may not even realize that feminine energy needs to be reawakened in the first place!  However, the societal suppression of women, especially in regards to their sexuality, has caused part of a woman’s natural essence to be shut down.  For the sake of intimacy, this means a woman is not able to fully express herself with her partner.  By reawakening feminine energy on sexual, emotional and spiritual levels, a woman can have more access to herself and thus be more radiant and alive in her relationship.

Key 4:  Sustaining Masculine Energy

Masculine energy tends to rise quickly and then fade just as fast.  This creates an intimacy dilemma, as a woman’s energy* takes longer to awaken.  Sustaining and channeling masculine energy means a man can connect more fully with his partner.  He learns to draw his energy up to his heart, the place where a woman tends to feel initial connection.  He also learns how to circulate his life force energy within himself and his beloved so that the couple can experience more fulfilling intimacy!

Key 5: Daily Intimacy Practice

Now that we know what to do, we must practice!  As the old adage says, practice makes perfect.  While at first it may seem challenging or hard to find the time, soon the couple will find these practices so rewarding and effective that they will look forward to doing them.

Over time, as the couple continues to connect through these daily intimacy practices individually and together, they get the intimacy results they are looking for by consciously creating their love relationship versus waiting for something to happen that could make them feel intimately connected.  They learn to become the authors of their experience of fulfillment in love and intimacy.

Dropping into intimacy will become second nature leaving you feeling more alive, inspired and joyful with each other and the world around you.

Three points to take away:

  1. The path to creating lasting intimacy and love is not complex or mysterious. It’s based on heightened awareness of the conscious breath, the witness state of mind and human energy.
  2. Being curious about feminine and masculine energy and how it occurs within each of us and within partnership can open us up to an exhilarating partner dance.
  3. So practice, practice, practice by yourself and with a partner.

* Woman’s energy is feminine energy that shows up in any relationship no matter if it’s a heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual or transgender relationship to balance masculine energy that creates magnetism

To learn more about the Five Keys to Creating Intimate Bliss and Make it Last, please contact Dr. Elsbeth at [email protected].

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