Human Relationship Mastery – Part I

Part 1 : How to Co-create and Thrive in Relationship

By Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

© 2019 – Copyright Worldwide


The relationship between men and women is broken as displayed in the #MeToo movement or TimeIsUp, an explosion that revealed the misunderstandings and differences that have been there for millennia.

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A Tantric Male View on #MeToo

“What am I supposed to do now?  How am I supposed to act?  Men can’t do anything anymore.”

This shared frustration is common (and understandable) among men in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As women continue to come forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault, men are starting to see that behavior they thought normal was actually causing harm.

Tantra in the Age of #MeToo

“No” is seemingly a simple word. But finding that word in the midst of a complicated situation can be quite difficult. The #MeToo movement gave women and victims of sexual assault permission to use their voice; to say “no” and speak up against situations that were wrong.