Creating Conscious Relationship – Part III

Consciousness-Raising through Relationship

How do we elevate our beloved relationship even in times of challenge?

It is so easy to step out of the relationship when things don't work. For example for me, when Freddy may have a desire to evolve into and I don't have the same desire, how can I hold space for him to evolve further?

I remember several years ago he really had the wish to have sex with other women.

Creating Conscious Relationship – Part I

Awakening to Consciousness Within
Twenty years ago, I was really in despair about love and intimacy. I had this pattern of being attracted to unavailable men, and that was a pattern that went through decades of my life. I used to stay in relationships for some years, but then something broke down and we broke up.

Awaken To Your Feminine Essence

Are you curious about fully expressing your potential and ready to reach higher levels of fulfillment in life, love, and career?

Listen in to this week’s podcast as I have the pleasure of talking with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver of Tantra Nova.

How to Be Truthful while Respectful in Relationship

“No, nothing is wrong. Everything is fine.” Have you heard this before even when you know something is actually wrong? Or, have you said this before when really some unsettling emotions are brewing just below the surface? Too often we hide our true feelings in order to be nice or avoid conflict.

What’s Tantra Got to Do With Yoga?

So often we get the question, “What’s Tantra Yoga?” Some may know it as the “yoga of sex” or the “sexy yoga” and think of it primarily as a way to achieve better orgasms.

And then there is the form of Yoga we have become so familiar with in the West, which has a studio at almost every street corner of our modern cities.

The Perfect Attire for Tantric Ritual

Tantric ritual allows us to drop into our soul and body, become present to ourselves and each other, and open up to deeper connection.  Attire is a key element to setting the mood and create sacred space for this ritual! And we prefer to wear sarongs for these Tantric occasions.

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A Tantric Male View on #MeToo

“What am I supposed to do now?  How am I supposed to act?  Men can’t do anything anymore.”

This shared frustration is common (and understandable) among men in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As women continue to come forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault, men are starting to see that behavior they thought normal was actually causing harm.