Sexual Enlightenment – The Prologue

It was the summer of 1969. Freddy, an African-American in his early teens, was sprawled across the deck of the family houseboat in Sausalito, California, the sun beating against his dark skin as he idly discussed the interwoven notions of love, sex, and the sacred with family and friends.

The Extinction of the Male! Really?

In a recent conversation, a scientist friend of mine mentioned that researchers have indicated the extinction of the male within a thousand years or so. This had my head churning. What would need to change in order to divert the reality of such a prognosis?

Here is what we came up with:

For centuries, masculine energy has been dominating the planet as feminine energy has been suppressed.

Transformational Gift Giving

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SEXUAL ENLIGHTENMENT – THE NEWLY RELEASED BOOK Designed for a wide audience – couples, singles, parents, students and professionals alike – “Sexual Enlightenment” focuses on transforming sexual energy through accessing the creative self, listening to the wisdom of the heart and connecting with the power of the conscious mind.

Rediscovering Your Feminine Self

November 8th, 2013

The spirit of femininity is generous, graceful, nurturing, supportive, sensitive, intuitive, and oriented towards love and care.  Despite all of these wonderful attributes, feminine energy, especially as it pertains to sexuality, has been suppressed, condemned, and vilified on a global scale for thousands of years.

Clearing Up Those “Blurred Lines”

“I hate these blurred lines.” Robin Thicke certainly gets this point across in his new hit song, appropriately titled, “Blurred Lines.”

The song has been quite the rage since its July 30th debut and quickly climbed the charts to #1 within its first week.

Happy Thanksgiving from Elsbeth & Freddy Zental

Wishing you, our friends in the United States, and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. Sending greetings of appreciation to our friends around the world.

Thanks for sharing with us in bringing greater awareness and the possibility of creating fulfillment in life, love, and intimacy to the world.

The Dance of Feminine & Masculine

Last weekend was the Air & Water Show in Chicago. It’s Elsbeth speaking: On my walk by Lake Michigan last Sunday I arrived just in time for getting a “front row seat” near Belmont Harbor to watch the acrobatic and exhilarating configurations the Blue Angels were performing.