Transformational Gift Giving

This Season give a transformational gift to yourself, your beloved, an associate, your best friend or a family member. TantraNova offers great ideas for giving – see for yourself and choose:

Great gifts for men, women, couples, singles …

SEXUAL ENLIGHTENMENT – THE NEWLY RELEASED BOOK Designed for a wide audience – couples, singles, parents, students and professionals alike – “Sexual Enlightenment” focuses on transforming sexual energy through accessing the creative self, listening to the wisdom of the heart and connecting with the power of the conscious mind. Meuth and Weaver introduce cutting-edge principles and inspiring practices, helping readers find fulfillment in love, life and intimacy.

HOME STUDY COURSE Learn Tantra in the privacy of your home. This TantraNova Home Study Course is a great way to be introduced to our foundational practices through TantraNova’s Creating Intimacy and Love DVD and the Foundational Practices CD. The Course will also guide you in the more advanced healing rituals for the woman and the man through The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection DVD. GIFT CERTIFICATE – towards a TantraNova workshop or product

To order a gift certificate of any denomination please contact us at 1-773-525-5006. The certificate will be emailed to you for printout so you have the immediacy of gift giving made easy.

Delightful gifts for women …

JADE YONI EGG The experience speaks for itself: “I love using my Jade Yoni egg! It makes me feel young, alive, turned on and conscious of doing my PC muscle exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. Since I intend to live a long, vital and healthy life, my yoni egg has become a major part of my practice to sustaining good health. I use it several times a week and hope to increase my use even more!” Kathleen

CRYSTAL WAND The Crystal Healing Wand can be used solo for self-massage of the Yoni and self-pleasuring. It is also a great supporting tool when receiving from a partner who can use the wand for giving a Yoni and G-Spot massage as well as pleasuring the woman.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season, Elsbeth and Freddy Zental

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