The Ultimate All-in-One Tantric Holiday Gift

Have you been racking your brain about finding the right holiday gift for the women in your life? Are you open to explore a more juicy out-of-the box gift idea?

If so, then consider this juicy out-of-the box Tantric Holiday surprise for your beloved, your sister, mother or daughter.

Millennials and Intimacy: What’s Not Adding Up?

For the past few years, publications like Mic, The Atlantic, and even TIME have pointed out that millennials have been defined by “hookup culture.” Michelle Adams writes that “hook-up culture is definitely something entrenched in the millennial generation” in her 2012 article for Mic.

The Extinction of the Male! Really?

In a recent conversation, a scientist friend of mine mentioned that researchers have indicated the extinction of the male within a thousand years or so. This had my head churning. What would need to change in order to divert the reality of such a prognosis?

Here is what we came up with:

For centuries, masculine energy has been dominating the planet as feminine energy has been suppressed.