The Ultimate All-in-One Tantric Holiday Gift

Have you been racking your brain about finding the right holiday gift for the women in your life? Are you open to explore a more juicy out-of-the box gift idea?

If so, then consider this juicy out-of-the box Tantric Holiday surprise for your beloved, your sister, mother or daughter. The Holiday Tantric bundle comes with a Yoni or Jade Egg, the Crystal Wand and a Tantric Meditation CD. It’s all in service of experiencing more pleasure and aliveness in your feminine center.


  • Increase your flow of sexual hormones and maintain healthy reproductive organs
  • Become more orgasmic and heighten the responsiveness of your G-Spot
  • Improve pelvic and bladder health


  • Increase orgasmic pleasure
  • Awaken your G-spot or Sacred Spot
  • Release tension in the pelvic floor
  • Enhance therapeutic massage
  • Improve pelvic floor health


  • Integrate your sexual and spiritual energies and
  • Support your daily tantric practice of centering, connecting energetically with yourself and
  • Become intimately familiar with intimacy
  • Excellent companion CD to the Yoni Egg

Kathleen P. share about her experience with the Yoni Egg:

I really got to enjoy the sensation of my muscles working around the egg and it helped me stay connected and grounded in my feminine sexual energy throughout the day. It was my little secret and no one ever knew that I was sitting at my desk or on the train quietly raising my sexual energy! During intercourse, I found it easier to find and work with my PC muscles and both my partner and I had a lot of fun!! My orgasms took on a new strength and feel as the muscles got stronger.  I recommend the Yoni Egg to every woman I know and many of them have had similar joyous experiences. Be patient at first, stick with it, and you will find the results orgasmic!

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