Creating Sacred Space for a Superb Valentine’s Experience

Do something different this Valentine, something extra special for and with your beloved partner.  What could you do to create an ‘out-of-this-world’ love experience that would make your partner’s heart melt and feel extra loved and taken care of?

Here is what you want to do:

Prepare YOUR Valentine’s experience by creating Sacred Space that will enhance your romantic evening or an intentional lovemaking session, a sacred conversation you may want to have, a sensual massage, or a healing ritual.

Let’s look more closely at what we mean by creating Sacred Space:

Sacred Space means transforming a room into a sanctuary.  As you prepare for your special night, feel into what would take your partner “over the top.”  How could you set a tone for the room that transports your partner to a different world?  It’s about so much more than just decorating a room.  It’s about intention, about really taking the time to think of and care for your beloved.  The amount of attention you give to creating the Sacred Space will show your beloved just how much you care.

This “special treatment” will provide a spark that can last for days or weeks!

Here are some concrete steps for how to create that perfect Sacred Space:

  1. Choose a room

Where would you like your special date to be?  The bedroom is always a good spot, but perhaps you’d like to use another room to mix things up.  Choose a space that can feel cozy, inviting, and warm.  Know that the room will be transformed once you set-up and decorate.

  1. Gather Materials

Details matter!  What materials can you find that would inspire love and sensuality?  Collect candles, beautiful fabrics, blankets, pillows, anything that would support and care for your lover.  Finally, find one special token of appreciation for the finishing touch – this could be a flower, a piece of chocolate, or some other meaningful or beautiful object.

Have a carafe of water and a bottle of champagne with glasses on the nightstand or side table ready to be served at the desired moment.

  1. Get the Sarongs out

Instead of lingerie or other garments get a couple of colorful sarongs. They are easily put on and effortlessly taken of at the right moment. Place the sarong at the end of the bed or mat where you will rest, play, love and enjoy each other.

  1. Set the Tone

As you arrange the materials you’ve collected, think about what set-up would best support your space.  If you are offering your beloved a massage or a sacred healing session, create a comfy pod either on the floor or the bed for your partner to lie on.  If you are having an intentional lovemaking session, arrange the bed with fabrics and soft blankets to enhance sensuality.

Disperse candles around the room and dim the lights.  Place the special token such as a flower or a piece of chocolate on top of the pillow where your beloved will lay their head.

Finally, choose music that best supports your Sacred Space.  This could be soft, soothing instrumental music or a playlist of your lover’s favorite songs.  Or go to the Tantra Love channel on Pandora. Music makes all the difference to the mood.

  1. Set an Intention

Take a moment to step back and admire your work.  Think of your beloved and the love you have for each other.  Visualize the sense of wonder and awe your lover expresses when entering the sanctuary.  Tap into that feeling and imagine spreading that love across the room, allowing it to encompass the space.

Set an intention for the night, such as honoring your beloved, and then relax and let go.

Now that you have prepared the love sanctuary you are ready to call in your beloved into the Sacred Space. Watch the surprise on their face, their delight and Ah’s! Embrace and undress each other in slow motion. Breathe together. Sever every moment. Pick up the sarongs and drape one around your beloved’s body and invite to be draped by your beloved in turn.

Dance! Move! Laugh! Breathe! Retire on the beautifully prepared bed or mat. And enjoy timeless loving!















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