Silver Linings on the Horizon as Rape Atrocities in India Get Revealed

“Four men were convicted Tuesday in the rape and murder of a twenty-three-year-old woman who was attacked when she boarded a bus in New Delhi last December, bringing a bitter close to a case that tore open the subject of sexual violence in this rapidly changing society.”…

The New York Times reports on September 10th. On August 22nd, a young woman was gang raped in India. The twenty-two-year-old photojournalist and her male partner were on assignment in Mumbai trying to get a shot at an abandoned mill compound. A group of five men offered to help; instead, they beat the man and sexually assaulted the woman. While these horrific acts and the state of male-female relations are saddening and alarming there may be some silver linings on the horizon as these century-old atrocities are coming so publicly to light:

Frequently, when an evolutionary shift is about to happen, historic unconsciousness reveals itself by the occurrence of breakdowns. We consider breakdowns occurring in the status-quo part of the evolutionary shift just as hairline fractures in a building’s foundation will eventually—over a very long time—lead to a structural collapse.

In the same way, we look at the public attention recently given to these rape scandals as an indicator that something is shifting in the collective consciousness.

Indian women are waking up and face what is no longer to be tolerated. This is the for-bearer of the quantum leap from sexual unconsciousness to sexual consciousness. In order to produce this evolutionary shift, we propose to bring greater awareness and reverence to our life force energy that is sexual in nature.

Imagine for a moment: men—young and old—were to learn to bring consciousness to their sexual energy by harnessing and channeling that energy versus being driven by it.

Envision just for one second, women connecting with their effervescent sexual radiance as a source of joy and aliveness free of guilt and fear.

For all of us, a new relationship to sexual energy would arise—individually and collectively. In turn, these new practices and behaviors will affect the legal, political, familial and relational systems.

Let’s create this world that celebrates and embraces the creative life force in us all. For further practices on how to bring sexual consciousness into our private and public lives see our forthcoming book Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy.

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