Deepen Your Tantric Practice – for Couples

A Bi-Weekly Online Class for TantraNova Graduates


$300 per couple by Dec 20 / $400 thereafter

January 12 – February 23, 2022

This class is designed as a reset point for you as a couple to go deeper into your tantric partner practice and experience. You qualify as a TN Graduate when you have completed a weekend foundations workshop or more or a private program with us in person or online.

You will:

  • Be reminded of your alive and vibrant Self to share with your Beloved
  • Tap into your creative life-force energy
  • Clear barriers that keep you from living the beloved life you want
  • Come to inner sIllness and reconnect with your intimate Self and each other
  • Experience regular tantric practice that will take you to new levels in your couplehood
  • Enjoy and grow in a community of couples

Class Dates

  • Session 1 Wednesday, January 12
  • Session 2 Wednesday, January 26
  • Session 3 Wednesday, February 9
  • Session 4 Wednesday, February 23

Class Times:

US 8-9:30pm ET / 7-8:30pm CT / 6-7:30pm MT / 5-6:30pm PT
AU 11am-12:30pm Thursday NSW

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Complimentary Consultation

To find out more about this program and how it could support you in your specific situation, please click here to SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with us.

"Foundational building blocks for maintaining lasting intimacy

The rituals that my partner Sylvie and I learned during our private sessions with Elsbeth and Freddy have given us the foundational building blocks for maintaining lasting intimacy, open communication, and a life full of soul bonding together. Our bond feels like it was put in a time machine and accelerated 20 years. That’s how well we got to know each other over the course of our 3-month private TantraNova program.

We have opened paths within each other that we didn’t know existed Going into the private TantraNova couple’s program I wanted to gain insight into practices in which I could use to communicate with my partner Bradley where we both felt seen and heard, a space where we could express ourselves and create a deeper, long lasting connection. I wanted to set the foundation for a relationship that included trust, vulnerability, intimacy and love.

Doing the work for myself became just as important as doing the work for us. Never did I imagine that I would come out of this experience feeling stronger and more aligned with who I am. This ultimately led to the soulful connection I was searching for with Bradley.

This work has allowed us to emotionally support each other through the ups and downs of everyday life. We have opened paths within each other that we didn’t know existed and continue to explore them everyday. These practices were challenging at times, but with the support from Elsbeth and Freddie I was able to begin the healing process from very deep childhood wounds. This is something that I wasn’t expecting to gain and I’m eternally grateful for the journey I have begun because of them. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to share a life with someone, a life that is fulfilling physically and spiritually, a life that is balanced and accepting of new challenges, a life that is so special and our own. And when things don’t go as planned we have the tools and techniques to create that space again.

Pastry Chef

"You have shared so much with us, and we are so appreciative and touched.

We are spending quality time pursuing our communication and our mutual expressions of our love, and your practices have been wonderful. The opportunity to focus on giving and receiving fully is a lesson we appreciate deeply.

At the moment, we are working to free up and slow down our lives … each on our own and together. As you know, the penalty of success is more opportunity. And all of the opportunities seem so tempting. But we both acknowledge that is was spreading us thin, and angst of doing well and meeting our own high expectations in our professional lives was an energy draw.

We are indebted to you and Freddy for the lifesaver you threw to us at a critical time. We continue on our journey and so appreciate how you have helped us."

Foundation Founder/Director
Venture Capitalist

It was empowering, sensuous and so loving

Prior to working with Elsbeth and Freddy, Deb and I were at a stalemate sexually – I was angry and she felt used. Through the work we did during our retreat we were able to see some things that had been causing blocks in our individual lives and relationship – even though they occurred more than 30 years ago, long before we knew each other! The homework assignment was absolutely yummy! It was empowering, sensuous and so loving. I felt very connected to Deb – like I used to be, yet in a new way. Overall, it was a very special time. I truly believe a ‘breakthrough’ happened while there, and today Deb and I are relating to each other in a much more loving way.

Hospital Account Executive
Construction Manager, South Illinois

We are vastly different and improved from where we started

To date, Western talk therapy hasn’t really helped what was hurting our marriage. We weren’t only down, but nearly “out.” Not wanting to give up, my wife suggested we look into TantraNova. I’m not a practitioner of yoga nor knowledgeable about Eastern philosophies, but the thought of incorporating something that sounded like “tantric sex” sounded like a win-win, especially for a red-blooded American male like myself.

After speaking with Elsbeth, I started to read up on mindfulness and it’s importance. Soon, I came to realize that my emotions, coupled with mindlessness, had derailed my ability to connect with my wife. Sure, Western talk therapy supplied me with the ‘6 steps’ I needed to take when trying to resolve a conflict with my wife. But who can access that book knowledge when you are raging? In addition, after the first 10 horrible words left my mouth, why would my wife want to reason with me, let alone stay in the same room with me?

We enrolled in the one-on-one session program with Elsbeth and Freddy. These sessions were deep and very personal. Not having any experience in this, I was a bit nervous that they would somehow see me as a fraud or too “uneducated” to get anything out of their work. On the contrary, they were warm, welcoming, instructive and nonjudgmental. The homework and instructional materials were not only fun to do, but helped bring my wife and I closer.

Now that we have completed the sessions, we are vastly different and improved from where we started. We know there is more work to be done. After all, it is called “a practice.” This is more about the journey than the destination. Conflicts still do arise, but we are more equipped to handle it better and they don’t last as long as they used to.”

My wife and I enthusiastically recommend couples enroll in the one-on-one program at TantraNova. As soon as we can, we are going to enroll ourselves in their Mastery program. For those couples concerned about the cost, I have to say that it is worth it. After all, the alternative is far more costly and ultimately tougher on your families.

Surgeon, Illinois

It far exceeded any expectations we came with

We learned more about creative intimacy and got a better understanding of how to open up sexual energy and use it creatively throughout life and personal spiritual journey. It far exceeded any expectations we came with. Thank you for being such wonderfully gifted teachers and starting us on a path of new found joy and fulfillment in our relationship.

Yoga Entrepreneur, Iowa

Group Programs

  • Full payment is due by the registration deadline.
  • In case of cancellation eight (8) weeks before the start of the workshop the tuition payment can be either transferred to another TantraNova workshop to be taken within 6 months
    of the date of the original tuition deposit, or a refund minus a $100 administration fee per person is issued
  • Cancellations within eight (8) weeks of the start of the workshop will not receive a tuition refund; however, the deposit can be transferred for a $100 transfer fee per person to a future TantraNova workshop within six (6) months of the date of the original deposit
  • Discounted tuition rates are not eligible for refunds
  • Cancellations or no shows upon the start of the workshop will not receive a tuition refund or transfer

Private Programs

  • All private sessions, series and retreats are scheduled by appointment. Payment is due at the time of reservation for the session, series or retreat.
  • To reschedule/cancel an appointment, please call 773-525-5006 at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise the session will be forfeited and full payment is due.
  • Cancellations within eight (8) weeks of the start of a session series or retreat will not receive a tuition refund. However, the deposit can be transferred for a $500 transfer fee per person to future sessions/retreats within 6 months of the date of the original deposit
  • Discounted tuition rates are not eligible for refunds
  • A Private Session Series is to be completed, including payment plans. Any remaining credits are to be used within 6 months of the original deposit
  • Cancellations or no shows upon the start of the program will not receive a tuition refund or transfer

Luxury Retreat

  • For Payment and Cancellation Policies for the Luxury Retreat please go to our partner website who are managing the registration and organization of our Intimacy Retreat.