What does sex have to do with world peace?

By Freddy Zental

These are my thoughts:

If sexual energy or life force energy is creative and pleasurable by nature and that creativity and pleasure show up in all areas of our lives i.e. where we live, people were around and the work we do and that science tells us that it’s all energy…everything, we’re just a denser form of it and that when it manifests as sexual energy it creates life supporting existence …than learning practices that allow us to consistently tap into this life force energy even in its most subtle forms… then we are better people individually and collectively supporting more fully existence.

What is interesting about the manifestation of sexual energy is that when it is present for us we are more loving, intimately connected, receptive also our chemicals change

Oxycontin is released, endorphins are enhanced we are very present to the moment in a loving life supporting creative way. All of this happens naturally we don’t have to learn how to feel this way.

Next up is learning how to use this energy in an intelligent life supporting way.

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