Motorcycling Pleasure

Motorcycling Pleasure

To this day, I remember my very first motorcycle: I was 9 years old and my father had a friend who was selling a Honda 90cc.

I wanted it so bad. My father said he would get it for me if I would only ride in the backyard. I knew how to ride a bicycle but a motorcycle was a whole new kettle of fish. Shifting, throttling and the weight were something new. So I asked my stepmother to help me learn.

Before long I was riding like it was an extension of my right hand. I had motorcycles off and on through the end of high school. After that, I did not ride a motorcycle for 20 years.

Fast-forward to a month ago, I got a brand-new Harley Davidson Road King classic 2012. Wow!! I always loved motorcycle riding and now I could ride a Harley-Davidson whenever I wanted – of course, the weather permitting given that I live in Chicago!!!

With the Harley, I was definitely taking it up a notch. It is a beautiful bike. It seems to me everyone who I introduce my bike to gets this inspired look in their eyes. I totally get it… when riding my motorcycle I am reconnected and present at the moment: the experience of leaning into a curve, the wind in my face, and the road ahead. It feels like a meditation of sorts, a total sense of freedom!

Sometimes at stoplights, I find myself talking to people in cars with the windows down. Rarely an opportunity I would have driven in my car. In short, when riding my motorcycle I feel free, inspired and present in the now. And many who see me riding are reminded of a sense of inspiration and joy … hallelujah!

Metaphorically speaking, I’d say find YOUR motorcycle – whatever that may be for you – and ride it!!


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