Review of TantraNova’s “Creating Intimacy and Love” DVD

By Lauren Zerbst

When the word Tantra comes to mind, one may think of ancient Eastern practices, intricate sex or images of naked gods and goddesses bursting with light and twisted into most difficult Kama Sutra positions. When you break it down, however, the word Tantra means “weaving” in Sanskrit. Tantra is a wonderful spiritual / sexual practice to weave the creativity and vitality of our own life force energy into our lives and relationships.

The DVD Creating Intimacy and Love by TantraNova is an outstanding resource for breaking down the mystical, abstract ideas of tantra and illustrating practices that are accessible to the Western worldview.

The DVD is the bridge between the two worlds. It takes the ancient practice of tantra and combines it with the typical Western phrase, “Keep It Simple Stupid,” or K.I.S.S. In this context, it may be more appropriate to change the phrase to use the Sanskrit term Shakti that describes the divine feminine – so, integrating the East and West, we form the new phrase, “Keep It Simple, Shakti!” Integrating the Eastern and Western worldviews is what TantraNova does best and the DVD is no exception.

The straightforwardness of the material does not take away from the critical sacredness of the tantric experience but does break down the concepts into tangible ideas and practices.

The first K.I.S.S. approach of the DVD was wonderful in explaining the nature of life force energy, that is sexual in nature, and how to access it and use it in our daily lives to break down barriers, heal sexual wounds, increase awareness and presence, have more balance and satisfaction, harness sexual sustainment and empowerment, and an overall wholeness within ourselves. That may seem like an awful lot to get out of one DVD, but it really is possible if you remember to K.I.S.S.!

The DVD contains real couples and singles that are beginning their own tantric journey and the camera tags along to record their experiences. Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver lead the group in breathing, meditation and movement exercises to get warmed up and connected with the present moment.

Then, the participants are taught practices that can be used to increase the flow and longevity of life force or sexual energy that can be done alone or with a partner. There is space to grow emotionally, intimately and sexually when working with the practices on your own or with a partner and does not involve doing “The Indian Headstand” (look it up) on the first try.

Those looking for a way to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves, our bodies, and/or a lover can start here and take the first step on what is sure to be an enlightening journey. This DVD is a great place to start!

Intimacy and Love DVD’s Lauren Zerbst, MSW, is a freelance writer living in Chicago, IL. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work.

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