The Discovery of Sexual-Spiritual Connection – DVD II REVIEW

This DVD offers intimate instruction to take your Tantra skills to the next level. In it, you are invited inside Freddy Zental’s and Elsbeth’s sacred space as they lead you through the women’s and men’s healing rituals. With their shared smiles and sighs, these two partners use massage, eye gazing, communication, acupressure, and breathing to awaken the goddess and sustain masculine energy together.

So often in today’s culture spirituality and sexuality are separated, yet when they are combined and connected, infinite potentials can be reached for the individual and the couple. The Discovery of the Sexual-Spiritual Connection is a gateway into uniting the second and sixth chakras (and everything in between) in order to experience the sexual-spiritual connection.

This video illustrates what is possible for the individual and the couple as they bring their sacred and sexual beings together. In this “take home Tantra” approach, the DVD offers his and hers healings that enable each partner to connect with their own spiritual being while opening to their sexual life force energy. It builds on TantraNova’s Creating Intimacy and Love DVD putting TantraNova’s foundational practices of breathing, energy awareness and movement, communication, and self-expression into action.

Energetic blocks, memories or unpleasant feelings that are held physically in the yoni and may no longer serve are being released or healed. The healing allows the woman to work with and process anything that comes up with a compassionate partner.

During her “healing ritual”, the woman is connecting to herself, in the present moment, supported by her partner who holds space for whatever comes up during the ritual. The man’s healing offers techniques for sustaining sexual energy and moving the energy up to the heart chakra and beyond by using the breath. This practice can create awareness and empowerment for the man as he is connected with his sexual-spiritual energy throughout his day and not just in a sexual encounter. These healing practices offer a model for creating a sexy-zen state of being for both partners as they give and receive.

Freddy Zental and Elsbeth’s intimate moments caught on tape illustrate the bonding, connecting, and enlightening power of tantric healing and practices.

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