Sexual Intelligence: The Key to Fulfillment and Joy

We usually speak about all kinds of intelligence such as I.Q., kinesthetic intelligence, emotional intelligence, etc.

However, the term Sexual Intelligence isn’t very well known, nor is it something that is traditionally practiced and developed. When we refer to Sexual Intelligence, we are speaking of an awareness and cultivation of life force energy, or sexual energy (also known in Sanskrit as Kundalini energy).

Let’s look at the concept of energy further in order to bring greater awareness to Sexual Intelligence.

Energy is an elusive phenomenon, as it relates to human energy. We are all quite familiar with electrical energy, and how it runs through the wires to light up the light bulb. We are also aware of frequencies and that cell phones utilize frequencies to operate, and without these frequencies we wouldn't be able to talk to and hear each other.

The same is true of our vocal cords; if our vocal cords couldn’t produce vibrations or frequencies then we wouldn’t receive the frequencies in our ear drums, which would then translate into the perception of sound in the brain.

Just as electrical energy is essential in lighting the light, and frequencies are vital in communication, human energy is very essential—again, it is not something that we traditionally learn in high-school and college—because without it we would not be alive.

At the source of all human energy is sexual energy which is the most powerful energy given that it brings forth life. We are familiar with this kind of energy in a more subtle way.

Within the Western world we become aware of this energy when it shows up in procreation, or when we are having sex. Sexual energy, however, can be much bigger, vaster, and more potent beyond the mere experience during sex. It is the creative energy that can be used to acquire whatever we want to create in our lives such as our health, well-being, relationship or relationships, endeavors, and/or careers.

How can you experience and move your sexual or life force energy throughout your body? To answer this, let’s explore it through an exercise:

  • Lie on your back on the floor or on a matt.
  • Exhale all the air, emptying yourself totally out until you are out of breath.
  • Take in a deep breath and feel the rise of your belly, followed by the chest.
  • Visualize your breath moving all the way up, to the top of your head.
  • On the exhalation send the breath from the top of the head all the way down, through your torso out of the base of your being into the floor.
  • Then again, take in a deep breath, from the bottom of your being all the way up to the top of your head. You may want to visualize filling yourself up and on the exhalation emptying yourself out all the way down through your torso and out of the base into the floor.
  • Then again take in a deep breath, filling yourself up all the way to the top of your head and then exhaling the breath all the way down and out of the base of your being.
  • Continue with this kind of breathing for another 5 to 6 times and once you are completed with the last deep breath continue in your own rhythm of breathing and notice how you feel right now, notice any sensations in your body, any energy movement, any tingling, just be present to yourself.

This exercise is one example of how to start moving energetic breath (or Prana as it’s called in Sanskrit) up and down the body or the spine.

In a more advanced state a student who cultivates his or her sexual intelligence can move this aroused energy through the body from the bottom all the way up to the top, and from the top all the way down to the bottom.

With that capability the experience of moving the sexual energy alters. The aroused energy no longer resides just in the sexual center, or the second charka, it actually emanates throughout the body which allows for greater sustainability of pleasure and joy as well as an involvement of the whole body.

Frequently this kind of experience is referred to as whole body orgasms, which opens up the possibility for multiple orgasms.

At another time, we will discuss how Sexual Intelligence plays itself out between two people.

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