Song Soiree: Loving Your Life

Tantric Performance at TantraNova

Freddy Zental


Please join singer & songwriter, Freddy Zental, at his musical soiree of inspiring stories, vocal and instrumental performance in Song Soiree: Loving Your Life.

Enjoy a compilation of original tunes, stories and unique arrangements of familiar standards. In his mellow and rhythmically inspired style, Freddy Zental sings and plays the Jimbay drum.  He does this while he makes the HandSonic and Wave Drum come alive while layering and looping vocals.

Zental’s philosophy is all about feeling good: “When we are listening to music, the right brain hemisphere—the creative, timeless, expressive and feeling dimension of our brain gets activated — and that makes us feel good.”

Special Guest Artist’s

Patti Shaffner is a talented artist, equally comfortable with pen, paint and easel, sculpting and crafting, as she is as a jazz vocalist, singer-songwriter and composer.
She is an award winning recording artist, visual artist, actress and theatre director.

David will be providing a Gong Immersion Meditation to close the evening of spontaneous and creative flow.
In addition to powerful Gongs and singing bowls, David is also a overtone singer, multi-instrumentalist, and world-percussionist.
David works with individuals, groups, and corporate clients with Qigong Therapy & Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Healing.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, September 30, 2017   8-9pm

Tickets: $20 pre-paid / $30 at door

TantraNova Institute 2031 W Warner Ave, Chicago, IL 60618  DIRECTIONS

Freddy Zental Weaver

Freddy Zental Weaver

Freddy Zental Weaver is a performing artist, accomplished percussionist and singer, stand-up comedian and story teller. He has toured the United States, performing at playhouses and theatres, yoga studios, conferences, performing arts centers, festivals, colleges and private events. An actor since the age of eight years, he has appeared in Medea with Bea Richards and Maya Angelou.  He has also performed in readings with Universal Studios.  Not to mention the work he did with Black on Black at the University of Hawaii.  As well as his performance in The Life and Times of Thomas Paine, in San Francisco.

Freddy Zental always wanted to sing. However, he was told at an early age that he couldn’t. He was determined to birth his one-man show, ‘Sexual Enlightenment.’  In his late forties, he wanted to create a multi-media experience that would include singing, comedy, drums and electronics. So he then started to embark on developing himself as a singer.  Today, after years of great voice coaches, regular open mic performances and serious practicing, he is proud to present an evening of song and inspiration.


“Two thumbs up! Five stars! In his one-person play, Zental publicly celebrates sexuality with simpleness, gentleness, compassion, and profoundness. His journey becomes a reflection for our own. The play is theater, comedy, and wisdom teaching all in one. TantraNova Man rocks . . . our soul.” Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Ph.D., Author of The Essential Tantra

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