Sexual Enlightenment: A One-Man Show


Take a truly entertaining and often hilarious journey through Freddy Zental’s life experiences concerning intimacy, sex and love in this theatre favorite – Sexual Enlightenment: A One-Man Show.

This tantric theatre show is packed with storytelling, drumming, singing and comedy. All are used in service of demystifying those intimate, personally impacting moments that so often go unexamined or trivialized. For example,your first exposure to sexual energy, your first orgasm or your first true love.

As Freddy Zental’s personal story unfolds the audience is reminded, “As you listen to my story think about your own.” The show, therefore, is a playful invitation for us all to reflect on old feelings. Then to focus on fixed ways-of-being to make room for getting in touch with our dreams, passions and sacred intimate-Self.


About the Performing Artist

Freddy Zental Weaver is a performing artist, accomplished percussionist and singer, stand-up comedian and story teller. He has toured the United States, performing at playhouses and theatres, yoga studios, conferences, performing-arts centers, festivals, colleges and privateevents. An actor since the age of eight years, he has appeared in Medea with Bea Richards and Maya Angelou. He has also performed in readings with Universal Studios. Not to mention the work he did with Black on Black at the University of Hawaii. As well as his performance in The Life and Times of Thomas Paine, in San Francisco.

Freddy Zental Weaver

Co-founder and director of TantraNova Institute, Chicago’s leading interpersonal transformational organization since opening in 2001. Freddy Zental also wrote a play based on longstanding personal and professional experience. It demonstrated how to develop sexual enlightenment as it affects fulfillment and creativity in life, love and relationships.

For many the concept of Sexual Enlightenment is completely new. "Tantra" is misunderstood as a hedonistic practice in the West unfortunately relating only to the sex act or Tantric Sex.

Yet TantraNova, and its depiction through the Sexual Enlightenment Show, is much more encompassing and understands sexual-energy as life-force energy. They are one and the same – we wouldn’t exist without it! Given this background, sexual enlightenment is considered an awareness that allows for conscious cultivation of this creative life force energy. Freddy Zental conveys that first we must come to terms with our sexual selves. Then we are able to come to sexual enlightenment. When we learn practices of consciousness and focus we may also reach our full human potential.

Through the drama of storytelling, song and rhythm, Freddy Zental’s audiences are guided. And it is to a deeper appreciation of connecting with this creative life-force energy that is their objective. The use of multi-media and audience participation generates an experience of tapping into a greater consciousness. And this goes beyond what’s available in the daily routines of life via the linear left brain.

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Two thumbs up! Five stars!

In his one-person play, Zental publicly celebrates sexuality with simpleness, gentleness, compassion, and profoundness. His journey becomes a reflection for our own. The play is theater, comedy, and wisdom teaching all in one. TantraNova Man rocks . . . our soul.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Ph.D., Author of The Essential Tantra