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When the word Tantra comes to mind, one may think of ancient Eastern practices or intricate sex. They may think of images of naked gods and goddesses bursting with light and twisted into difficult Kama Sutra positions. When you break it down, however, the word Tantra means “weaving” in Sanskrit.

Tantra is a wonderful spiritual/sexual practice we can use to weave the creativity and vitality of our own life force energy into our lives and relationships.

Integrating the Eastern and Western worldviews is what TantraNova does best and this MP4 is no exception. The straightforwardness of the material does not take away from the critical sacredness of the tantric experience. It breaks down the concepts into tangible ideas and practices.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How meditation and conscious breathing can make you feel more intimately connected
  • Become aware of your life force energy to embellish your love life and career
  • Listen and communicate in a way that has anger and blame disappear
  • How to shift from self-doubt and distrust to feeling freedom, confidence and joy in relationships
  • How powerful healing practices can bring trust, fulfilment and bliss into your life

You are taught practices that can be used to increase the flow and longevity of your life-force or sexual energy. You can do this alone or with a partner. There is space to grow emotionally, intimately and sexually when working with solo or partner practices. If you are looking for a way to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with yourself, then start here. If you’re looking to have a deeper connection with your body, and/or your partner, then you can start here. And take the first step on what is sure to be an enlightening journey.

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