Tantric Tips for a Blissful Valentine’s Tête-à-Tête

You may have Valentine’s Day all planned out …the dinner, the flowers, the wine, and the romance.  But what if you could bring something extra to your Valentine’s date?Here are some tips to add a little Tantric Bliss to your Valentine’s Day.  Experience new levels of intimacy that you didn’t know imaginable!

“Setting an intention is about bringing extra purpose to your date without forcing or trying to make anything happen. Once you set an intention, you can let it go and allow bliss to flow!”


Why not have this Valentine’s Day – or for that matter any day – to bring bliss and synchronicity into your Beloved life?

Tip One

Set an Intention

What is an intention, exactly?  It’s different from making a goal or a plan.  Setting an intention is about bringing extra purpose to your date without forcing or trying to make anything happen.  Once you set an intention, you can let it go and allow bliss to flow!Try this:

Decide how you’d like to show-up on your date.  That is, what kind of feeling would you like to experience when you are with your partner?  Then choose an intention from there.  Here are a few examples:

  • “My intention is to be completely present with my partner.”
  • “My intention is to give as much love to my date as I can.”
  • “My intention is to be playful and energetic.”
  • “My intention is to experience Bliss!”

Without actively trying to make anything happen, notice how you feel once on your date.  Are you more in tune?  Are you more generous?  Are you more excited?  Your date will be sure to notice and will most likely respond with the same love and affection you are giving.

Bonus Tip:

Set the intention with your date!  Especially if you’ve been with your partner for awhile, co-creating your experience could be extra juicy.  Take a few moments before your date to state your intentions.  Take turns and, while your partner is sharing, be silent and truly listen to what they are saying.  Your partner will feel heard and listened to and you’ll be on your way to a blissful night!


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Tip Two

Eye gaze into bliss

When’s the last time you truly looked into your partner’s eyes? Or, if this is a new date, how would eye gazing take you to a new level in your connection?

Try this simple practice to discover tantric bliss:

Sit across from each other, either on the floor or on chairs. Hold your hands out – left palm facing up and right palm down – then your place your palms into your partner’s palms. Look at your partner and blink your left eye. Begin gazing into your partner’s left eye.

Notice your breathing and start to synch breaths; not from necessarily trying to match your partner’s breath, but rather by allowing the breaths to sync up naturally. Notice all the chatter that comes into your mind. “What is my partner thinking?” “How long do I have to do this?” Allow the thoughts to pass and do this for five breaths. Then close your eyes and continue breathing in and out together in a synchronized way.

Upon completing, open your eyes and notice how you feel. Are you more relaxed? Are you more connected? Share with each other


Tip Three

Create a Tantric Candle Conversation

By now you are home and in the mood… How can you bring the next level of bliss into this intimate moment?

Try the Tantric Candle Conversation:

First, find a candle – this is important!  Sit across from each other and place the lit candle in between the two of you.  If you have more than one candle, great!  Spread the other candles around and fill the room with light and love.  Turn off all the other lights so there is just a simple glow.  Reconnect for a moment with the eye gazing you learned above breathing in and out together.

Now, it’s time to share. In Tantric Conversation we practice listening just as much as we practice speaking.  You will take turns, so decide who will go first by allowing a natural feeling to arise.  Usually one person will be more called to start than the other.  As the listener, your role will be to “hold space.”  This means you will practice simply listening to your partner without reacting physically (i.e. head nodding) or responding with words.  This may be unfamiliar, however over time you will see how wonderful it is to hold space for someone.

As the speaker, start in the following way:  “What I love about you is…” Then, take it from there. Notice any feelings of nervousness or shyness. Speak to your true feelings and let your partner know just how much you care about them.  Maintain eye contact while speaking.  Share three to five things that you love about the other person.

After you switch roles, reconnect to your left eye gaze and breathe together again. Notice how you feel. Share with each other. Is Tantric Bliss flowing between the two of YOU!


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


With these tips, you can create any date into a magical experience.  Why not start this Valentine’s Day – or for that matter any day – to bring bliss and synchronicity into your Beloved life?Enjoy your newfound intimacy!

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