Sexual Intelligence Part II

Continuing the conversation on “Sexual Intelligence“…This is an interesting time in history when science and spirituality are saying the same thing…We are one! It’s all energy…Energy manifests in many different ways the unique thing about sexual energy in its physical manifestation is that its creative and pleasurable.

Creativity and pleasure show up everywhere in life where we live, the people that we surround ourselves with, or the work we do. Learning practices of sex consciousness and focus working with sexual energy, creativity and pleasure start showing up as a default way of being in the simple process of living itself.

Intention: The intention of bringing something new into your life i.e., love, money, happiness, requires a lot of areas of conscious focus and awareness. In the practice of sex consciousness in the TantraNova approach we become more intimately familiar with feelings, emotions and energy as it manifests in its creative life force form or “Sexual Intelligence”, thus creating more possibility in manifesting one’s intentions in this physical reality.

Continuing to develop your observer or witness state of mind is the first critical step in accessing Sexual Intelligence. A meditation practice that resonates with you is important. There are many meditation practices – active, passive, social and sexual. Sexual meditation is probably the most difficult one to master because we are so automated to become completely lost and swept up in the pleasure and drama. Nothing wrong with pleasure however being conscious requires practice. One of the aspects that makes sexual meditation practice so powerful is that physically, chemically, emotionally and spiritually we become more intimately connected, loving and vulnerable. This allows a magnified accessibility to the unconsciousness that we bring as a backdrop to creating our intentions in this physics.

To learn more about sexual-spiritual connection and a greater intimate access to your dreams, intentions, love, intimacy and creativity, please contact TantraNova Institute.

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