Cultivating Self-Love


Imagine experiencing a state of fulfillment, connection and purpose from where you can be most creative, impactful and effective, where peace and resolve guides you to make the difference and changes in your life and the world that you are dedicated to.

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Elsbeth and Freddy will guide you in accessing your inner wisdom centered in your heart fueling your passion, power and perseverance, so your inner being and outer actions may become fully coherent and laser focused.

You will be introduced to principles and practices that allow you to:

  • Be centered in your Heart, your LOVE Center
  • Acknowledge and feel into residual anger, resistance or sense of injustice
  • Be guided in releasing what no longer serves and forgiving yourself and others
  • Cultivate compassion for yourself and consequently for others, and
  • Channel the power of your mind through conscious breath to make the shift you desire
  • Generate elevating emotions for greater physical, emotional and mental well-being

Complimentary Consultation

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July 22, 2020
8pm-9:30pm ET / 7pm-8:30pm CT / 5pm-6:30pm PT


Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver have assisted thousands of couples and singles create lasting intimacy and fulfillment in their relationships. They are featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Over, best-selling authors of Sexual Enlightenment endorsed by world-renowned Spiritual Pioneer Dr. Michael Beckwith, and the co-founders of TantraNova Institute in Chicago.

They have coached billionaires, innovators and power couples all over the world, shared their intimacy secrets at a global YPO (Young Presidents Organization) conference in the city of love, Paris, and got nominated as Changemaker at the White House sponsored 2016 United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.

Elsbeth and Freddy Zental are beloveds—life and business partners—residing in Chicago.