Trilogy Meditation

Life is Love … and Love is Life
This meditation consists of three parts for you to integrate your Vortex, Cosmic and Heart Being to Experience Wholeness

Trilogy Meditation

Narrator: Elsbeth Meuth
Music: Barry Goldstein
Sound engineering: Freddy Z

Vortex Meditation 0:00 - 6:10

By connecting to the vortex you connect to your life force energy – your earthly being, your animal nature, your unique life force expression. The vortex is rooted in the base chakra, the seat of your sexual life force energy, your aliveness, like a swirl, the base of an upward spiral.

Cosmic Consciousness Meditation 6:11 - 21:30

When connecting to Cosmic Consciousness you are connecting to the universe, the Quantum Field or simply the Field, to ever present infinite space. It’s also called the 5th dimension that is pure energy or frequency. It’s the realm of thought. This allows us to tune with infinite possibility and draw in who we want to become, how we want to feel and what dream we want to realize in our life. To bring forth a new experience, we cannot create it from the same frequency we have lived our life from in the past. This meditation supports you in connecting with a frequency Self beyond the familiar limiting feelings and emotions.Connecting to Cosmic Consciousness draws your future dreams vibrationally into reality in the here and now.

Love Meditation 21:31 - 27:57

When connecting with the Heart Center, the unifier, reconciler and integrator, we come into balance between our earthly & heavenly being, the primal and cosmic, the physical and spiritual. Th eHeart is the seat of love, compassion, dignity and respect for Self and another. Listening to your heart opens the door to your authentic Self, your truth and ever-present source of wisdom from within — free of judgement, doubt or external reference.

Set aside 28 minutes several times a week to come to integration of your Vortex (Primal Self), Your Cosmic Consciousness (Conscious and Spiritual Self) and Love Self (centered in your Heart).

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