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With TantraNova Co-Founder Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

How to access your creative spark for heightened passion in life, love and career.

REPLAY: Feminine Essence Lunch Time Livestream

How to access your creative spark for heightened passion in life, love and relationships












The Feminine Essence Lunch Time Livestream

Todays Lunch Time Livestream was a beautiful preview of what’s to come in the Virtual Feminine Essence Program. Thanks so much for coming on and getting another level of what’s available and how the program could support you in shifting from struggle to fulfillment in your life.

Are you ready to claim for yourself what you desire, wish and dream of? ….Particularly in the areas of love, intimacy, relationship, your purpose and passion in life?

Time is of the essence: Registration to the Feminine Essence Program ends by midnight tonight!


Here is what you will get when attending:

  • The principles and practices that deliver on the promise of experiencing fulfillment and satisfaction as a woman in the area or areas in your life where you desire a shift.
  • My tested and proven 5-STEP Feminine Essence model, which teaches you EXACTLY how to create lasting fulfillment in life, love and relationships, in the comfort of your home.
  • Tools and a structure designed to help you create the life of your dreams as a fulfilled and passionate woman again and again no matter if you’re new to all of this or an experienced practitioner of meditation or transformational work.

If not now, when? Go invest in yourself and produce a shift that will alter your life by COMMITTING YOURSELF and registering TODAY. Remember, a shift can only occur when we commit to realizing what we want and taking action towards it. So, be a YES to yourself to initiate your shift today!

Reserve your space now because your life of fulfillment and passion is just a few weeks away!

With dedication to YOU,

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