NothingNess Meditation

This meditation allows your brainwaves to drop into a state of NothingNess where freedom and peace arise

NothingNess Meditation

Narrator: Elsbeth Meuth
Music: Mei-lan Maurits
Sound engineering: Freddy Z

In creating what we want in terms of things, experiences, insights or realizations we want to learn to cultivate a state of ’nothingness.'
This state allows us to not create from a past knowingness or expectation of the future. Everything that got created was created from nothing, i.e. the Big Bang.

To bring forth something new in our life the NothingNess Meditation guides us in clearing the chatter in the mind and the preoccupations with our body, with people, things and circumstances. What arises in becoming infinite space is freedom and presence allowing us to see, hear and become aware of new dimensions and possibilities otherwise not available.

Set aside 17 minutes DAILY to drop into NothingNess - a state from which to create.

Music by Mei-lan Maurits - Unleash Your Power

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