New Beginning Love Meditation

Narrator: Elsbeth Meuth
Music: 407Music
Sound engineering: Freddy Z

This New Beginning Love Meditation was created by Elsbeth to support you in your healing and connecting with your love-self.

Use headphones and do the meditation a minimum of 2 times per day - upon awakening in the morning and at night when you go to sleep. You can fall asleep while listening and it will affect you subliminally.

And of course, you can do the meditation as often as you like. The more you frequent in this love frequency, the more you will become IT. Download the meditation on your phone so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Music: A New Beginning by 407Music

Download the meditation by right-clicking at the recording link and select ‘Save Link As…’ to save this mp3 audio to your phone or computer. Please make sure the file extension is not renamed by your computer. The file name should end with .mp3. If .html is added to the end of the file, you must rename it to just .mp3.