Gratitude Meditation

This Reset Meditation Reminds You of the Miracle You Are

Gratitude Meditation

Narrator: Elsbeth Meuth
Music: Barry Goldstein
Sound engineering: Freddy Z

Gratitude is a high-frequency emotion that is at the core of being in love with life, your relationships and feeling fulfilled.

We created this 6-minute Gratitude Meditation for you so you can shift at any moment from sadness, resentment, hopelessness, frustration or discomfort to feeling peace, joy, aliveness and possibility. Start your morning with this meditation or end your day with it. Or stop your car in the middle of the day and drop for a few minutes into gratitude via listening to this meditation.

Through the use of divergent focus this meditation is designed to guide you in bringing your awareness to space within and space all around you. Divergent focus (unlike convergent focus) has your brainwaves move from Beta Brainwave to Alpha Brainwave allowing to shift out of pain, fear, worries or concern into peace and equanimity. Furthermore by bringing awareness to your breath and the miracle that your breath is - considering that your breath is keeping you alive at all times without your doing - you become aware of the MIRACLE THAT YOU ARE. And this leads you right to feeling and living in gratitude.

Take 6-minutes once or twice a day to reset your mind, heart and body

Music by Barry Goldstein: The Secret Language of the Heart - Relaxation Center

Download the meditation on your phone so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

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