Creation Inspiration Meditation

Guided by Elsbeth Meuth
Music: Benedictus by Sir Karl Jenkins performed by 2Cellos
Sound Engineered by Freddy Zental

The Creation Inspiration Meditation guides you in coming to coherence of your desires and dreams with your inner wisdom by accessing and connecting your Creation and Heart Centers.

The music by Sir Karl Jenkins and performed by 2Cellos is called Benedictus, meaning ‘blessed’ - may it touch and bring blessings to you. Please let us know what the meditation invokes in you and how it may guide you on your path to realizing YOURSELF.

Set aside 17 minutes several times a week to tap into the flow of your Creative LOVE Self.

Download the meditation on your phone so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

To download click here and then right-click and select ‘Save Link As…’ on the download link to save this mp3 audio to your computer. Please make sure the file extension is not renamed by your computer. The file name should end with .mp3. If .html is added to the end of the file, you must rename it to just .mp3