Creation-Heart-Center Meditation

Experience Flow Within and Without

Creation-Heart Center Meditation

Guided by: Elsbeth Meuth
Music by: Mei-lan Maurits
Sound engineering by: Freddy Z

The Creation-Heart-Center Meditation connects you with your inner flow: Your Creative & Pleasure Self with your Heart & Love Self.

Do this practice everyday to experience being in flow within and without so it will become your default experience and being.

When we are in flow our listening of ourselves and others is more attuned and our speaking becomes more purposeful. ENJOY!

Music by Mei-lan Maurits: Move Me

Download the meditation on your phone so you can access it anytime and anywhere.

To download click here and then right-click and select ‘Save Link As…’ on the download link to save this mp3 audio to your computer. Please make sure the file extension is not renamed by your computer. The file name should end with .m4a.