TantraNova Mastery & Certification Level 3 Program

 Level III Mastery & Certification

The TantraNova Level III, also called the Advanced TantraNova Practitioner Certification, is about the student taking their learning, skills and knowledge to a new level to design, create and develop their business or offer further. They leave empowered to share themselves and their work effectively and powerfully bringing high value to their clients and financial abundance to their business or organization. Each Level III student integrates the TN work in their own unique way into their career and business proposition/offer. The student who successfully completes Level III is granted the Advanced TantraNova Practitioner Certification.

Tuition per Level III Program: $1,999 per person by December 1 / $2,499 thereafter

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The student who successfully completes Level III is granted an Advanced TantraNova Practitioner Certificate.

Objectives for the Level III Program

  1. Expand your coaching and tantric teaching through listening from linguistic, energetic and emotional dimensions
  2. Design and execute your own powerful program and curriculum integrating the principles and practices of Tantra yoga and the TantraNova approach in your specific niche of work
  3. Develop and expand your practice / business successfully in the area of your choice:
    • Integration of the TantraNova approach with your discipline such as
    • Life coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, non-violent communication, primary & secondary education
    • Yoga, bodywork, massage, medicine, the healing arts, the performing arts
    • Sales and marketing, business/executive coaching
    • Intimacy / Relationship / Tantra sessions or workshops for couples & singles
    • Women’s programs; men’s programs
    • Programs for kids, youth programs

Here is what one of the Level III graduates got from the program

One of the successes that opened up for me out of completing all three Levels of the TantraNova certification program is that I now get that “I am a coach”. The debilitating story and doubts got replaced with confidence and trust in myself. I feel centered and flowing while coaching. My intuitive listening has deepened and I am no longer captive to my heady conversations. The need to “know it all” has dissipated. Thanks for assisting me in coming fully into my power and authentic Self.

Relationship & Intimacy Coach

Admission Requirements to the Level III Certification Program

Successful completion and fulfillment of Level II Program course work and requirements

Time Commitment

Attend a Three-Day Weekend Intensive in Chicago:

  • Deepen coaching and teaching skills
  • Further developing your products/services based on integrating the TantraNova approach into your field of wo
  • Design or further develop your professional practice and business: marketing, promotion, sales, delivery

Online Group Coaching with TantraNova Staff

  • Meet two times for 1.5 hours each time between the opening weekend Intensive and the completion session for group coaching with TantraNova staff
  • Attend a 2.0 hour graduation session in person or by phone/online

Online Peer-Meetings:

  • Meet three times for 1.5 hours each time between the opening weekend Intensive and the completion session with your program fellow students to develop and evaluate your work with your clients /students, your marketing plan and business development

Work with Clients/ Students:

  • Design, develop and deliver your unique client offerings
  • Integrate TantraNova distinctions and practices in your teaching, coaching or consulting
  • Accelerate implementation of your offer design and produce tangible results by the completion of your Level III program

Payment & Cancellation Policies: A non-refundable deposit of $500 / person is due by the early discount deadline to receive the lower tuition rate. Full tuition payment is due 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, checks and cash are accepted.
  • Payment plan options are available – $50 administrative fee applies.
  • Cancellations by early discount deadline will receive a tuition refund minus the non-refundable deposit of $500 and a $200 administration fee per person.
  • Cancellations after early discount deadline will not receive a refund; however, the tuition payment minus the non-refundable deposit of $500 and a $200 transfer fee per person can be transferred to a future TantraNova Certification Level I Program to be taken within twelve (12) months of the original deposit date.
  • Cancellations at any time upon the start of the program will not receive a refund or transfer. Any unpaid installments from a payment plan will need to be paid off.