Tantra Lounge Song Soiree


If you like 40’s and 50’s music, you’ll like this Tantra Lounge act

Please join lounge singer and performer, Freddy Zental, at his Tantra Lounge Song Soiree of classical oldies and Sinatra style songs and flair.

Segues of humorous entertainment is interspersed throughout a sequence of romance, love and touching songs that’ll make you heart beat faster and your feet be tempted to dance.

Zental’s philosophy is all about feeling good: “When we are listening to music, the right brain hemisphere—the creative, timeless, expressive and feeling dimension of our brain gets activated — making us feel good.”

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A Note to Frank, Dean, and Sammy from Bob Long – Old Time Jazz DJ

“Move over Gents. There’s a new Man knocking at the Rat Pack door, and he comes complete with white shirt, open collar, loose bow tie, dinner jacket, super 150 black slacks, right on down to his sleek, black suede, tussled slippers.

And he sings – the good stuff; the American Songbook and more – in key, in time. Smooth. He’s probably twice the height of Sammy, but he ain’t lookin’ down at nobody. He’s looking up in admiration of you guys, looking to carry on the torch of exquisite songs, marvelously sung and swung.

He did that the other night at Club TantraNova. It’s a new place for cool cats and sexy hipsters to relax, dig the sensuous sounds and trip a light-fantastic toe across the dance floor.

His name is Freddy Zental. When he knocks, you might wanna’ let him in. “Man, this Nightingale sings in TantraNova Square.”

Freddy Zental Weaver

Freddy Zental Weaver is a performing artist, accomplished percussionist and singer, stand-up comedian and story teller. He has toured the United States, performing at playhouses and theatres, yoga studios, conferences, performing arts centers, festivals, colleges and private events. An actor since the age of eight years, he has appeared in Medea with Bea Richards and Maya Angelou. He has also performed in readings with Universal Studios. Not to mention the work he did with Black on Black at the University of Hawaii. As well as his performance in The Life and Times of Thomas Paine, in San Francisco.

Freddy Zental always wanted to sing. However, he was told at an early age that he couldn’t. He was determined to birth his one-man show, ‘Sexual Enlightenment.’ In his late forties, he wanted to create a multi-media experience that would include singing, comedy, drums and electronics. So he then started to embark on developing himself as a singer. Today, after years of great voice coaches, regular open mic performances and serious practicing, he is proud to present an evening of song and inspiration.


Thursday, September 19, 2019 7:30-9:30pm

Le Piano Bar
6970 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Cover Charge: $5 at door

Rave Reviews from the Audience!

Freddy’s Love and Enthusiasm for swing-era music brought a touch of Rat Pack Panache to his performance. At times conjuring memories of Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Satchmo. Very heartfelt. The tux and loose bowtie sealed the magic. But it was his big deep resonant voice that carried the classic tunes. A joyful and engaging concert from the Great American Songbook. Polished!

David Cowen
Writer, Poet, Singer-Songwriter, Musician

Freddy is extremely gifted! A natural, musical talent!

Petra Obenaus & Dr. Friederike Preiss

What comes through with every song is Freddy’s passion for the genre and that is just what is needed. As an audience member I could feel that deep resonance. That’s what makes his performance more than merely singing the tunes. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!

Patti Schaffer
Vocalist, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Mentor

Wow! What a fun evening! Freddy resonates with the joy and spirit of these songs. It’s contagious.

Dr. Jeff Spahn
Founder, Leading Leaders Inc.

Freddy Zental’s captivating crooning and performance talent, Elsbeth as an inspiring backup dancer, and engaging conversation over a champagne reception made this a magical and luscious evening. Thanks so much!

Teri Beran Kulat
Integrative Lawyer and Astrologer